What Happens During an Electrical Inspection

July 17, 2019

Whether you’ve moved into a new space, renovating your home or office, or you’re just curious about your electrical conditions, an inspection is exactly what you need. You can rest easy knowing that your space will be safe, reliable and fully functional after a professional assessment. Are you unsure what to expect during an upcoming electrical inspection? Read below to be better versed on what happens during electrical inspections:

The Rough Inspection

This is your basic start to an inspection and its the primary overview, your home or workplace will be scanned quickly and efficiently by a professional. They will be looking at your wires, circuitboards, panels and conduits to be sure that all fire risks and other safety hazards are minimised.

The Service Inspection

In the service inspection your electrician will evaluate your service panel to observe whether it’s installed properly. Both the electrical elements and the mounting in relation to your property’s unique needs will be seen to.

The Final Inspection

This is the last point of reference for your electrical professional wherein all breakers will be installed and inspected for a fully operational and safe environment for you and your fellow occupants. Your electrician will most likely run tests and trials to ensure that your property is up to its optimal state of efficiency, safety and effectiveness.

A thorough inspection can seem like a time consuming and expensive ordeal however, its time to consider electrical inspections in a new light! By investing in a proper professional inspection you are taking the step towards a protected and safe property. This will also curb potential accidents and issues that will eventually result in a much heftier expensive further down the line.

To find a friendly and reliable first class professional to inspect your home or office contact Smart and Fast Electrical.

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