About Us

Our Pricing

As far as electrical prices go, all our competitive prices come from the one book, meaning that no matter who you are or where you live or which electrical technician goes the job you’ll be given the same price before we start the job.

Our Vehicles

Our electrical tradesman have new and regularly serviced reliable vehicles. The vehicles are clearly marked so you know who we are when we arrive. They are well stocked with all electrical equipment meaning no running to and from the wholesalers, helping the environment and saving you time.


All our electrical technicians use covers to protect your flooring and furniture from any unwanted mess. Once the job is finished we ensured the house is clean and spotless as if we were never there.

Multiple Works

We know that it is cheaper to get all the work done in one visit. This is why we do a safety inspection on all our customers homes when we arrive. It’s also cheaper to get a small issue fixed before it becomes a big problem.

We give discounts for multiple work. Keeping your house safe for your family, so get done once and get it done right.