Top 5 Electrical Safety Tips To Prevent Electrical Fires

June 17, 2019

1. Watch out for Wiring

The wiring in your home or workplace is the most important aspect to maintaining your and others’ safety. Wiring gone wrong can spark electrical fires in your home, therefore look out for slow operating appliances, minimal light switches or outlets and flickering or buzzing lights. If you notice any of these problems be sure to contact your electrician fast.

2. Approved Appliances

Make smarter choices whilst you shop for your appliances. If you are investing in new items its important to make the right purchases for the safety of your space. Look for items that are approved by Standards Australia and always be sure to follow the instructions that accompany them. Keep your products unplugged whilst they’re not in use to minimise future problems.

3. Cords and Plugs

Prevent your products from risking your home by keeping a keen eye on their cords and plugs. Watch out for excessive wear and tear, frayed wires and wonky prongs. By paying these close attention you can be sure that your belongings won’t become a risk to your welfare.

4. Locations

Its one thing to stay on top of the maintenance of your applications and their cords, but what about where they are located? Be sure to check that your items are not living near any water, humidity or general heat. By moving your wires and cords to dry, safe neutral areas you will avoid fires. Make sure that there are no exposed wires anywhere in your space.

5. Ask Your Electrician

If you’re concerned that there is a risk of electrical fires in your home then call your local electrician immediately. The issue isn’t that pressing? Have a one of our friendly team members come out and run a FREE Safety Check on your home. Get in Touch!

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