What to do in Electrical Emergencies

September 17, 2019

An electrical emergency is a very serious and high pressure situation. Before you contact your electrical professional, follow these pointers on how to be proactive and safe during or before an emergency in your home or office.

Contact Numbers

Keep a clear and compressive list of phone numbers that will help you and others during an electrical emergency. If you don’t want to rely on your smartphone, you can keep lists stashed on your portable laptop, in your filing cabinet or on your fridge. Call the fire brigade or 000 as quickly as possible, if you smell burning coming from your appliances or walls then contact your emergency electrician in the moment as well.

Fire Safety

By having a fire extinguisher in your home or workplace you will be able to combat any flames during a high pressure issue. These need to be current and appropriate for the type of fire you have on your hands. Be sure to have escape ways and staircases clear of obstruction at all times for a speedy exit.

Be Smart

During an electrical emergency or fire there can be many alarming and frightening things happening all at once. Try your best to remain informed by undertaking a first aid or health and safety course to help with any casualties. Be sure not to make contact with any power lines or electrical appliances on your property. Never throw liquid or water onto an electrical fire and be wary of evacuating the building promptly to minimise the risk and health of you and your fellow occupants.

By taking the necessary steps and precautions during an emergency you’ll remain safe. You will need to call emergency services immediately to salvage your property and belongings. Combat any risk of electrical fires by staying on top of your electrical conditions and avoid any over heating, humidity or fraying around your appliances.

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